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How is my gift to the Mean Green Scholarship Fund used by the athletics department?

Mean Green Scholarship Fund donations funding student-athlete scholarships for each of our 16 teams.

Why is my total gift due by June 30? What happens if I don’t make my total gift by June 30?

The June 30 membership deadline helps North Texas Athletics maintain fiscal responsibility and accountability by ensuring prompt payments on student-athlete scholarships, as well as accurately projecting revenue for planning and budgeting purposes. It is also important to meet the giving deadline to ensure member benefits, including game day parking privileges, are assigned and distributed in a fair manner. Gifts made after the June 30 giving deadline run the risk of not receiving their desired seat and/or parking location.

If I have season tickets for both football and basketball that have a per seat requirement, will I be required to make a contribution to satisfy both sports?

No, any member who has both football and basketball season tickets in a location that requires a Priority Seating contribution will only be required to make the higher of the two amounts, not the total amount for both sports. For example if you have two seats in Section 205 for football that require a contribution of $150 per seat, and two seats in Section 107 for men’s basketball with a $25 per seat requirement, a contribution of $300 would satisfy the requirement for both sports.

Is my Mean Green Scholarship Fund requirement for Priority Seating tax deductible?

As of January 1, 2018, donation requirements for season tickets are no longer tax deductible. Any MGSF donations that are not tied to seat requirements (capital gifts, sport-specific gifts, and gifts above minimum seat requirements) are tax deductible. With all gifts donors should consult their tax advisor in regard to tax deductions resulting from charitable contributions.

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